Permanent staffing

Hiring adept employees is essential to the success of every business. Not to forget – on time and on point is the key! Recognising the importance of recruiting the right talent within the set timeline, we dive deeper into understanding the nature of client’s business and the talent requirement; thereby providing our clients with only the most qualified talent pool and reducing the time taken to hire.

Contract Staffing

Being proficient at gaining an inclusive understanding of client requirements, we service contract staffing needs by engaging manpower with the most relevant and specialised skill set. We work on the administrative end too and take responsibility to ensure that the workforce is contingent and adequately motivated.


Executive recruiting is not only tricky but also critical to a company’s future and progress. Our Executive Search Recruitment process covers niche outreach efforts, carefully vetting each candidate, and finding the exact match. We are driven towards ultimately creating a strong long-term professional relationship between the candidate and the company.

Payroll and compliance management

Taking into account the legal and financial implications, payroll management can be quite complex. Moreover, various tasks like managing time and attendance systems, developing organisation’s pay policy at times to include flexible benefits, timely salary and bonus payouts, implementing leave encashment policy, and compliance with government statutes can make this quite an elaborate process. With their years of expertise, payroll specialists at Macadam simplify the payroll process, thus making it swift and reliable. We take pride in keeping abreast of the tax and labour laws and designing a time-effective, secure and compliant payroll mechanism.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Time once lost is lost forever. A company, like yours, cannot afford to spend long drawn period of time to fill vacancies. Macadam aims to ensure that the best talent is acquired and optimum HR management systems are in place towards retention and growth of the workforce.

From the point of preparing a recruitment plan, identifying and shortlisting top profiles to further assessment and smooth onboarding, our 9-step recruitment process methodology clearly allows us to operate swiftly and hire efficiently.


A thriving business is one where the people are taken care of. L&D leg of our work focuses on strengthening the capacity of the staff to deliver productive outputs by helping them realise their full potential. We facilitate industry-specific training conducted by qualified experts from the global community.

Other Business support services

Quality Management Systems Support

Macadam displays expertise in successfully implementing highly complex quality management systems. A properly set up QMS aimed at continually improving business quality is known to also improve a company’s bottom line as well as create a long-term trusted relationship between the company and its partners.

Procurement Management

Every business has practical requirements for quality products and services to achieve the desired results. Due to the nature of business in certain organisations, procurement process can be quite complex, involving several inter-related tasks like sourcing suppliers, contract management, order management, approval of goods, recording transactions etc. Together, these activities lead to a great deal of cost and time consumption. As a Procurement Service Provider, trust Macadam for logically organised and cost-effective systems of procurement. Our Purchase Managers connect companies with checked and vetted vendors and with their sharp vendor management skills provide for a reliable procurement process.

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